Colour Belt Promotions

Congratulations to our 12 colour belt students that successfully promoted at our weekend grading. Many thanks to Mr Chris Black (V Dan) for making the journey down to Whitby and conducting the grading.


Well done to Kallum Locker (5th Kup), Oscar Barrett (5th Kup), Helen Pearce (6th Kup), Riley Trousdale (7th Kup), Lily Hepworth (7th Kup), Charlie Lloyd-Edwards (8th Kup), Ryan Hunt (8th Kup), Ayla Mae Dack (8th Kup), James Oxley (8th Kup), CeeJay Williams (9th Kup), Joshua Allison (9th Kup) and Amelia Bradbury (9th Kup).


Taekwon-Do is NOT Just For Kids

There are immense advantages to exploring martial arts training as an adult:

 Boost Your Self-confidence. …
 Learn Self-Defense. …
 Relieve Stress. …
 Give Yourself a Full Workout. …
 Improve Your Heart Health. …
 Lose Weight. …
 Improve Coordination. …
 Get Faster Reflexes. …
 Develop a Positive Mood. …
 Keep an Active Mind. …

And most importantly …


NEST Teesside’s newest Black Belts

Congratulations to Mr Bairstow, Mr Matthews, Mr Kane and Mr Bairstow Jnr on your successful promotions to Black Belt 1st Degree. Trained hard for this weekend, it was very well deserved.

Pictured above with GM John Williamson, GM John Taylor.


UK Taekwon-Do Association National Seminar, 7-9th September 2018

Another great UKTA National Seminar, 9 hours training over Friday evening and Saturday.  As always intense training and very technical, making sure we continue to practice Original ITF Taekwon-Do as Gen Choi wanted.

Hosted by Master Harris VII Degree in Leicester. Conducted by Grand Master Williamson IX, Grand Master Taylor IX and Senior Master Miller VIII Degree.

Good Luck to Rick, Marc, Kian and Kieran from NEST Teesside who are all Black Belt grading tomorrow.


ITF England Training Dates

ITF England is now stepping up preparations for the 2019 Euro and World championships. If you are interested selection or just wish to develop your competition skills we look forward to seeing you at national squad training. Sessions are held in Swindon and are open to 4th kup and above, aged 10+. Dates up to the Euros are:-
August – 12th
September – 9th, 30th
October – 21st
November – 17th (Sat)
December – 8th (Sat)
January – 13th, 27th
February – 10th, 24th
March – 10th, 24th
April – Euros Rimini 1st – 8th
Please check the for selection criteria. 


UKTA National Instructors Course

Yesterday Mr Bateman joined Mr Black & Mr Bairstow from NEST TKD Teesside at the UKTA National Instructors Course down in Reading. The morning was spent learning about GDPR (how it affects us individually and as a school) and also the latest BTC Safeguarding policies and rules (Thanks to Master Taverner for the vital information). The afternoon was spent in doboks going over teaching techniques with Senior Master Miller. Also present was Grandmaster Taylor and Master Harris.


UKTA National Black Belt Seminar

On Friday we headed up to Shotts in Scotland for the UKTA National Black Belt Seminar & Grading. Michael Adetunji from NEST Teesside was attending and was hoping to successfully grade to become a 1st Degree Black Belt.

The Friday evening started with a warm-up followed by stretching conducted by Master Miller. We then covered basic foundation exercises and techniques and also some great self defence routines.

Saturday we covered patterns starting from Chon-Ji (going over and perfecting all the techniques) and sparring (including 3-step, 2-step, 1-step and 2v1). Again a lot of emphasis was put on technique and also the correct use of the sine-wave and hip twist. The day also included practising jumping and flying kicks.

Sunday was the day Mike had been waiting for. After proving himself over the weekend it was now time to do his final examination in front of the UKTA Masters Grading Panel which included GM Prewitt (EITF President), GM Williamson (UKTA President), GM Taylor (ITF Wales President) and Master Miller (Regional Vice Chairman of the Umpire Committee).

After an excellent performance (which included breaking the brick using fore-fist punch not only with his right hand but left also!!) Mike was given the good news of his success in promoting to 1st Degree Black Belt.

Mr Michael Adetunji 1st Dan stood with instructors Mr Chris Black 5th Dan and Mr Paul Bateman 1st Dan


March Grading

NEST Taekwon-Do North Yorkshire joined students from Teesside classes on Sunday 11th March at the Earthbeat Centre in Saltburn for a local grading conducted by Mr Chris Black (5th Dan).
Please to say that all students were successful and promoted to the next level.


UKTA Seminar with Grand Master Williamson in Wirral

On Sunday 25th February we headed over to Wirral Taekwon-Do who were hosting the North West Area Seminar conducted by Grand Master John Williamson, President of the UKTA. We joined 66 people from 6 different UKTA schools across 3 seminars that day. Was a great day going over techniques and patterns, with lots to be taken back and used in class.