NEST Taekwon-Do North Yorkshire treat Data Protection very carefully. Any information that we store is done electronically on a secure remote server. All paper forms are kept in a secure locked filling cabinet in NEST Taekwon-Do North Yorkshire office premises.


To make clear, the following information is collected by NEST Taekwon-Do North Yorkshire

If you make an inquiry:

First Name, Surname, Mobile Phone, Email, Venue location.

If you become a Member:

First Name, Surname, Mobile Phone, Email, Venue location, Date of Birth, Gender, Full Address, Medical Notes, Date Joined, Next of Kin, Occupation, Place of Work, Dates of Attended Lessons, Grade, Grade Dates


NEST Taekwon-Do North Yorkshire will use your Data in the following ways.

If you make an inquiry:

We will contact you to book your first lesson, we may periodically email you or text.

If you are a Member:

We will keep track of your lesson attendance, keep a record of your grade, send emails, send texts and may call you (phone calls will only be made as a last resort). Your information may be shared with our Association “UKTA” and/or British Martial Arts and Boxing Association (BMABA). This information is used for licencing and insurance purposes only.

If you would like your Data removed from the Clubs records, please email to request removal.